for desiring to pursue a course in

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I started drawing in crayon and pencils in my childhood days and I enjoy doing this the most till date. I then ended up in dismantling toys and fixing them back sometime not working properly as before. This also led to another dimension in Art-craft. Over the years I developed a great sense of concentration for Art related activities i.e. Conceptualization, development, creativity, making and further improvement.

In my bid to pursue a creativity course I thought of mechanical engineering as the only science course that allows broad area of choice. I therefore enrolled in a technical school to pursue a course in mechanical engineering craft practice where I learnt and used machines such as the lathe, shaping, milling and grinding to produce machine parts.

Just after school the desire to do more art work was becoming stronger and I was in a fixed. I believe one would have to explore his/her God given talent and master it for serving his world. I could not also pursue an art course in Ghana because my qualifications at the time were still towards the engineering line; I then enrolled with the University of Science and Technology, school of mines to pursue a course in mine mechanical engineering.

It was here that I saw the realities of what I desired to do, so I embarked on my mission. I decided to write a project in Design which incorporates:

  1. the use of AutoCAD drafting software to do all drafting work,
  2. the use of hydraulic system for inovations and as alternative energy source for a powered device.

This led to self tuition in the AutoCAD application, then R14 and hydralic systems.

I opted to advance my knowledge in this new development, and started with solid modeling of a hydraulic press concept for my project work and as a partial fullfilment of my academic requirements. Iíve since then engaged in more computer modeling activities and mainly presentation rendering of virtually anything I am called upon to do. I have also started learning some 3D animation skills, and what I do presently is camera animation which is quite interesting. It allows you to view objects in all dimensions and closes up on texture and details, giving a pleasant presentation of proposed designs. This has been the genesis of desiring a profession in computer 3D modeling

Consequently, with my self-help activities Iíve develop some websites to show my present capabilities. Please visit these sites to see some of the works Iíve done so far and I would be very grateful to hear from you soon.


Click Here to veiw my Portfolio Album