According to my birth certificate, I was born in the late morning at about 10.45am on
Friday the 27th day of November, 1970 at the 37 Military Hospital,in Accra the capital city of Ghana, to Mr. Timothy Kofi Adzamoah, then an army sageant at the base workshop of burma camp, and Mrs. Mercy Amey Adzamoah, then a teacher. I am the first child to my mum with two other siblings, a sister called Marianne and a brother called Oscar.
Meanwhile, I am the middle child amongst 4 siblings to my dad, an Elder sister called Gladys and brother called Dickson.

I am married to Nelly, and we have a daughter called Robina.
I spent greater time of the day on the computer, but sadly I do more graphic related work on very low spec PCs. I wonder how life would be for me if I happen to owe one of the high specs PCs for my kind of work. Infact I have acquired my skills the very hard way, and I always think, dream, and plan for better and not too hard way of doing things.Soon I'll share some of my dreams with you.
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